Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In his loving hand.

So doing something of this caliber is not all to typical of me... (all that being said this is Luke) by all this I mean posting on a blog; however I've come to realize that to some degree it is a good way to share what is going on in life.
As you know from my wife's post this will be my last week at my job, and I couldn't be more excited. Allow me to explain, I am looking forward to what God will have our family to do over this next year and seeing my wife having such peace at where the Lord has us right now encourages me as a husband. I am so blessed to have such a loving wife and boys.
I wanted to post this to share with everyone that last night Mary and I were able to share with a woman in her home she did not get saved but she had lots of questions and wanted someone to come back, so Mary and another lady from our church are going to her home tomorrow at 3:00 pm to share more with her. What a blessing it is to tell others about the love of Christ, be praying with us if you would for Juliet.
This next year as a family we are also setting it as a family goal to read through the Bible in a year together, I love to hear my kids read the Bible and I see no better way to spend time as a family than in devotions. Mary and I both are doing school now and are anxious to see where God wants our family to serve though we both now we have much to learn and always will it is a good turn of events to be doing school and moving ahead in the grace of God.
I had my first opportunity to teach an adult class this last Sunday and was honored to be given that. I was nervous and feel insufficient but God is faithful and he promises his word will not return void (Isiah 55:11). We have some missionary's living across from us in the mission apartment that is here on the church property. I am looking forward to gleaning what we can from them and building z relationship with their family. I do feel like the Lord is pulling our family to a region of the world but do not yet feel like we have confirmed that.
Before I go I wanted to encourage husbands to seek God and ask him what he will have you lead your family in this year. I asked God recently what he would have for us this year and in the midst of it he reminded me of the things I have set out to do in the past and let go by the wayside. Our family's need us, our kids need men that love God above all else and will teach them how to have that on their own. It cannot be some self expected thing that our kids will know how to worship God if we do not give them the example of how. They need to see us love their moms, and moms (wives) need our love.
I know it sounds simple but me personally, I forget to love my wife like Christ loved the church, I forget that my children are a gift from God and not just "another mouth to feed". I don't want to sound uncaring and insensitive but I am being transparent in hopes that it will be a blessing to some one else. I know as a man I don't always pay attention in the areas that I need to and I wanted to share what has been brought to my mind by the Lord recently.



  1. Good job Luke! I love your words of encouragement. I always knew you'd be a minister and here you are ministering to you kids, your wife, people in the church, on the street and now to the world wide web. :) Cool!

    Remember how mom and dad thought the internet was the mark of the beast? Ha! It still weirds me out a little but I thank the Lord for the ways he has used it.

    1. Yes I recall that time in life. I believe that was back when Dad got that killer deal on the cell phone through the fire department... It was a brick phone; I remember the sales guy having as a sale point how far it could fall from a building and still work.

  2. We are praying for Juliet. Love you guys.

  3. So, I have been behind on catching up with blogs, but just reading this brought tears to my eyes. I am so honored that the Lord allows us to have friends and people in our lives that we get to see grow in the grace of God. What a blessing and encouragement you all are to us. I will be praying for Juliet whether or not she accepted Christ a few weeks ago. We love you guys and I hope to see you all soon.