Tuesday, April 19, 2011


We had a great time in Idaho last weekend. Aunt Callie (with her cute baby bump) let the boys ride her horse. His name is Cutter but Maxx likes to call him Custard. We had such a great time seeing family.

It was Carnies 60th Birthday. We had a big family party. I love how kids love to see somebody tear open packages, even if it is not theirs to keep. This is such a good picture of Carnie laughing with all the boys huddled around their Papa.

Clayton and Luke went out shooting. He really wanted to shoot a turkey, but did not have luck. I love seeing my boys grow into young men and the bond they have with dad. Luke is always so patient with them and allows them to explore what they are interested in.

We had a MC Donald's lunch after Ethan's soccer game. we forgot to but the new baby in the line-up. We always have a hard time piling back in the car after a visit. It would be great to live down the road from all of the cousins.

School is almost done. The last 6 weeks are always the hardest for me. But we will get finished up and be ready to embrace second grade next year. We are ready for the sun to come......anytime now..... and still waiting. Church is going great. We are starting to get involved in some of the other ministries. Our missions commitments just came in and our just above 395K! It is a blessing to be part of a sacrificial church that has a love for missionaries. We saw 2 saved and 5 baptized this last Sunday. Hope everybody has a blessed week.