Monday, October 22, 2012

Maxx's birthday

My sweet Maxx turned 7 this summer. we had a great time at his birthday party. We wanted to throw a army/ top shot party. We invited several boys and asked them to bring their bb guns. We had a scavenger hunt and made an obstacle course to run through. we also had different target they had to shoot and a final package (pinata) that they had to bring back through. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time of fellowship. I can not believe Maxx is seven. He just started piano lessons and loves playing. He is growing into a wonderful young man.


This summer we went camping in Westport with a few friends. It was so beautiful there, I had to share some of the pictures.
I love the beach. when I am at the beach or in the country I feel like I can breath deeper and the weight of the world has been lifted of my shoulders. Hope we can make it back next year.


When I found my camera bag on Friday I realized that I had not downloaded pictures in a long time. This last quarter in school was a long one, but now it is over and my workload is a bit lighter. School with the boys is going great, we also just finished up our first quarter. I still cannot believe they are in 3rd grade, They are growing into wonderful young men. The pictures are from Clayton's first Taekwondo tournament. This sport has been a blessing for him and he does quite well with it. He competed in 2 events, forms and sparing. He took 1st in forms and third in sparing, he was very happy to place in his first tournament.