Thursday, December 2, 2010

School days.

School is going very well, it is hard to believe that we are almost half done with first grade. The boys are reading so well. I am starting to study the history of the Baptist church so if anybody has any good book they would like to suggest, I would be grateful. I have just started "The Trail of Blood". Luke is getting ready to move jobs again, I think he is looking forward to the new crew and location. I do miss my cat, but Amanda is taking good care of him. The book the boys are holding was the first book that we finished, now we are 2 days away from being done with the second one! I love my new school room! Our friends the Brownings are headed home today with there adopted kids from Eastern Europe. What a blessing it has been to see God use them in this and to open my eyes to these children. If you have no idea what I am talking about, this is their blog. Hope everybody has a great weekend.

What is missing?

Ok, so this is a very bad picture! My camera was dying so I had to get it and move on. What is missing on my calender? Right between the 24 and 26? It is Christmas! I looked through my extra icons and had everything from halloween to St. Patties day....but no Christmas. I looked seven times then I pulled out the original packaging and no Christmas! It was shocking to me, I can't believe how much society tries to remove God. Most calenders will still have Christmas, they will just remove Christ and put a santa or snowman. The boys and I will be making our own Icon and It will have a wonderful picture of Christ my Savior, on it!