Saturday, June 23, 2012

A baby story....

I remember when I first got saved (Aug 2007), I had a dream that Luke was a pastor and we were sitting on a porch with several kids running around. When I woke up I thought "ok Lord, you will have to work miracles for that dream to come true". Luke and I at the time were separated and he was not saved, he also had gotten a vasectomy after Maxx was born. Ever sense then I have truly desired to have more children. After Luke got saved and we were back together, God performed many miracles to give us a wonderful marriage that we have today. When I first moved back to Washington I thought I would miraculously get pregnant. Month after month went by and still no baby. I look back at those times when I was a baby christian and I laugh at how little I understood about God's character. We knew we needed to get out of debt, so we started that process. We had 59k of debt when we started, so we started paying down bills and growing in the Lord. We had prayed about getting a reversal many times; but we knew that God wanted us to be debt free first. Spring of 2010 came around and our friends the Brownings were adopting! Through them God opened our eyes to the awful conditions of special needs orphans in Eastern Europe. We thought this is it, this is how we will grow our family! We fell in love with a little boy named "Monroe" through Recces Rainbow. We were going to pray about adopting him for two weeks and then if God gave us the ok we would commit. We were out of town on a job and had no computer available where we were; however, we decided to commit to him that next week. The day before we got back into town I got a phone call, It was my friend Charrissa telling me that he had a family. I was devastated, I loved him and wanted to be his mommy. I was grateful for God's guidance and that he had a wonderful family; but I wanted to be his family. That summer we moved to Everett area. We settled into a new church and made a new group of friends, that also loved kids and homeschooling as much as we did. I though adoption was the answer, I wanted more kids but really did not care if they were biologically mine. We tried to adopt 2 other boys(Gage and Sam)and God closed the door by providing wonderful families for them. I remember after I found out that Sam had a family that I got into a huge "fight" with God over children. He told me NO, then showed me through scripture that just because something was a good thing that it was not always His will. I did not accept it, I thought foster care was the answer. We went through all the hoops for foster care and 3 days before our final inspection Luke got laid off. Well you have to have a job to qualify (July 2011). We were going to put everything in a storage unit and hit the road. We thought this was the answer for figuring out where God wanted us. We met with out pastor the next week and told him our plans, he continued to ask Luke questions to figure out why we were doing what we were doing. During that meal Luke surrendered to the mission field! Our pastor asked us to stay and move into the duplexes by the church. We both were ready for change so we were somewhat hesitant and told our pastor we needed a job for us to be able to stay... Luke's phone rang at this time, and you guessed it, a job. He went back to work that Friday! Through this I finally gave up on trying to force the issue of kids, I figured that we must be going to a mission field where I would not be able to have more than 2 kids. We both started Bible college though correspondence that January. We were happy to be in God's will and thankful to have friends that shared their kids with us. We were 6K away from being debt free! I though this is the year that we can finally be debt free and maybe with next years tax return we can get the reversal if God allows. Well Luke got laid off 2 weeks later (Feb 2012). We both started school and I started piano lessons,but I honestly thought "why now". I kept telling myself well it will only be a week or two....but the weeks turned into months and we were traveling all over the place for work. I still continued to pray for a baby. I would tell God "ok I know you said NO,but I am going to keep asking". I was content and at peace, truly wanting God's will and not mine own for our life. Well last week was the beginning of June. Luke went to work for our church for the summer to help out with some construction projects. This also was our last week of school for the boys. I was so excited for Luke to be working and have the boys done with school. I thought "yay, I can focus on my school and my piano lessons for the summer. And while all of this is still true, we had an exciting answer to prayer. On Thursday (June 7,2012) I woke up to Luke sitting on the bed with an envelope in his hands. The verse on the card was "every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning" (Jas. 1:17). In the card was an anonymous letter with enough money to pay for the reversal! Luke and I are so humbled by God's goodness and giving families sacrifice. It was so awesome for God to provide in this way, and His provision grew my faith ten fold. I had heard and seen of things like this happening to others, but never thought we would receive such a large monetary gift. So no babies yet but we do have the surgery scheduled for very soon! God is good!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

28 years young!

We have had a busy few months, Luke has been laid off and we have been traveling all over the North West. The wild ride is now over, Luke goes back to work tomorrow. The boys graduated from sparkies last week. They will be TNT's next year for Awanas,they also completed 2nd grade with great grades. We have been able to create a beautiful garden this year, we have several birds feeders. We also have a flexible squirrel that has figured out how to get into one of them. I celebrated my 28th birthday yesterday. I awoke to the sound of boys singing me happy birthday with donuts and new p.j's. Clayton and I went off to Taekwondo and came home to a beautiful flower arrangement from my Mom. My neighbor also made me a cake, so I also was able to gain 5 lbs on my birthday! Have a great week!