Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best Christmas ever

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year. Being our 4th Christmas as christian' s it gets better every year. It was very quite and mostly just the 4 of us. On Saturday we had a wonderful birthday party for Jesus. We had a feast of a meal and many deserts. It was so special to sit around and eat, read scripture and sing songs. I think this is a new tradition for us. We all loved it. The elves brought the boys there Christmas pj's.

On Sunday morning we got ready for church.
WE had a wonderful service on Isaiah 9:6 on Jesus being our mighty God. After service Maxx was baptized! It is such a blessing seeing my son following after the Lord. Then we went to the church plant in Seattle were we heard a message on John 3:16, after that we headed back for evening service. It was truly a blessed Lords day.

On Monday morning The boys woke up anxiously to open presents(FINALLY)! We opened presents, ate steak and eggs and had a devotional. The we were lazy all day, it was wonderful! In the evening we had another Christmas dinner of everybody's favorites.
(Don't mind the sub-floor, we are still waiting for our new carpet to get in.)

Monday, December 26, 2011

How fat can a guinea pig get????

We bought Maxx a guinea pig a few months ago. Luke told him that we could have her bred so he could experience the miracle of life. She has been quite an enjoyable pet,she is very cute and purrs when you pet her. She loves Maxx to death and loves to be held and pet. She is getting HUGE. The babies are not expected to arrive until January 7th. It amazes me everyday how much bigger she is. The first picture is from today. The second is from 2 weeks ago, and the first 2 are from 6 weeks ago. O ya does anybody want a guinea pig? I will have a few extra soon. lol

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas play.

The boys debuted in their first Christmas play this year. All the kids did such a great job and put in such hard work. They all memorized verses and told the story of Christ through reciting verses and singing songs. After the play 2 people came forward to receive Christ as their savior! One of the people who got saved rides on my bus, her son was singing in the play. I hope everybody has great Christmas! We are being lazy and spending time as a family. What are you doing this year?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011