Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Luke's last house...and Ducks!!

This is he house Luke finished in Camano Island, It is a beautiful almost 6k sqtft house, It had 3 separate entry ways, 8 arches and 12 beams, it was a dream house. We did start our own business, also a dream of Luke's. Mcarthur Custom Design, is what we are called and praise the Lord we have been busy with work. We also got ducks. I will post more pics of them later and 3 goats...not to crazy about the goats, but the ducks are fun. there names are: Lola, Tom, Daisy, Ming Ming, and Gizmo... Hopefully we can replace theses animals with babies soon.... The Lord has been so good to us, as always. Luke and I will have 7 years or marriage next week, and are closer friends more now than ever.