Saturday, November 6, 2010


So we are all moved, and love being so much closer to work for Luke. We are all doing well, the boys have been hard at work with school and Luke has just been working hard. Clayton and Maxx are reading very well now. We have had a few visitors and very much have enjoyed the fellowship. God has been growing us so much at the church we have been visiting. Here are a few pictures from the summer and I promise I will do better at this blog thing.

The Mcarthur's


  1. Dear McArthur Family,
    We really miss your family, but are glad you are lots closer to Luke's work. I bet you have heard that our Stephanie and her husband have a sweet baby girl, Amelia Marie;. She was born last Sunday at 4:29 am. I am not partial at all: she is beautiful like her mommy. They are really enjoying their little sweetie, and we are happy when we are able to see them.
    If you ever come over this way, give a call. Would love to see you. We miss you in Wednesday night class, Clayton.
    The Olsens

  2. I'm glad your settling in! We miss you! I love the picture of Grandpa and your boys!

  3. It is so good to 'hear' from you!! Miss you tons!! Email me sometime (!