Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Boys

I have been enjoying my children so much these past few weeks. They have been so easy going with all the changes of staying at Papa's and going to a new church, it is such a blessing in how they trust us with their little lives. Clayton and Maxx have been such hard workers in school and with all of the projects. When they are small it is so much work, with character shaping, and so little fruit. Now that they are getting older I can see the fruit ten fold. The impact God has made on their lives is amazing and such a joyful blessing. Just thought I would share that with everybody.


  1. You're so is a lot of work when they are little. But those little glimmers of fruit in their lives are so encouraging. We sure miss you guys...our "side of the church" is empty without you!

  2. Miss you guys! Your little Clayton cracks my up. I was just thinking the other day."There is one thing you have to understand Mr. Tom I just don't sleep" He is such a cutie!

  3. Oh, what sweet words to read... how you are seeing good fruit and the impact God has made on their lives! Thank you for the reminder. Even though I see good fruit in my older ones, it can be so labor intensive being consistent with the little ones. It's so wonderful to see the great works that God has wrought in your lives! We miss you and I had almost forgotten about your blog! So glad I found it again!